German hardcore band URGE drops their fiery single release »Brainwashed«. After one year of work on this remix, Canadian rapper Abdominal who is known for his work with DJ Format is rhyming over a heavy Mo’Wax-esque beat produced by Smoove including lots of skilled cuts by Berlin based turntablist and DJ Robert Smith.

Together they built a deep-sounding monster of a tune. The 7inch which sits in a Japanese Katta round inner sleeve includes the original song as well as bonus Beats’n’Breaks for all the DJs.


Get it here: https://urge-oonopsdrops.bandcamp.com/album/brainwashed


»Oonops Drops« is not a guitar-driven music label or specialized in hardcore or metal but it’s an openminded label which finds ways to fuse and work until it fits with many different genres.

About URGE:
The band was formed in 1989 and has a lot of stage experience touring with American and English bands. For instance, URGE toured Europe for a few weeks with FUGAZI. They shared stages with MDC, Melvins, Fugazi, Voivod, Bolt Thrower, MDC, Melvins, just to name a few. The German music magazine SPEX called them »Hardcorehausen« and for some time they were on the road as a site project with »Power Of Expression« with singer Marc Grewe (Morgoth) and played at the legendary Wacken Festival.