Lisa Decker X Nautilus X SaturnVybz – Soliloquise

Lisa Decker returned with her second studio album »Soliloquise« one year after her debut album »Serendipity« in 2021 with Japanese Jazz trio Nautilus from Tokyo and a superb single remix of »Everytime« by Pat Van Dyke featuring rapper John Robinson.

For this project she worked on eight new songs. Half of the album is arranged by Nautilus and the other half is produced by SaturnVybz who is known for his works with/and projects like Slick Walk, The Ruff Cats and Jazzanova.

Getting a step forward and conceptually a bit different this release gets the »Oonops Drops« FLIP SERIES treatment which means: Side A and Side B are made by different artists or differentiate from each other like the first volume with Nautilus X Anna Sato & Toshiyuki Sasaki (OD006LP).

Songs like »Free«, »Let’s Wake Up« and »Summer Child« with their feel warm note of groovy, jazzy pop and the more swing-jazz tune »Rimy Whitewater« meet guitar-electronic touched songs like »Love And Hope«, »On My Way« and »True Blue« or her dreamt away track »Stay With Me« with smooth bouncy beats and with an atmosphere for being the perfect soundtrack for a night ride on deserted streets.

Lisa is careful about the artwork and after working together with renowned artist Lindsey Kustusch from San Francisco on her first album she collaborates with local artist Sebastian Maria Otto who is known for his signature art style and exhibitions from Germany to Japan.

Lisa will perform live in Hanover, the 20th May at roof top of the Historical Museum together with Nautilus. Japan meets Germany. Lucky coincidence or: »Serendipity«.


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„Musik voller Poesie, in der sich akustische und elektrische Klänge kühn und leidenschaftlich reiben: das Album »Soliloquise« der Deutschen Lisa Decker. Hier kooperiert die mit einer bemerkenswert ausdrucksvollen sowie tonsicheren Stimme ausgestatteten Sängerin jeweils zur Hälfte mit dem tokyoter Jazztrio Nautilus und dem durch Arbeiten mit u.a. Jazzanova bekannten SaturnVybz.“
NDR Blue

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