Lisa Decker & SaturnVybz – Love And Hope / Lisa Decker & Nautilus – Summer Child

Lisa Decker is back with her new single and two songs of her upcoming album which will appear around May 2023.

After her debut album »Serendipity« in 2021 with Japanese Jazz trio Nautilus from Tokyo and a superb single remix of »Everytime« by Pat Van Dyke featuring rapper John Robinson this will be another step forward in her career and conceptually a bit different.

It gets the »Oonops Drops« FLIP SERIES treatment which means: Side A of Lisas songs are arranged by Nautilus and Side B by producer SaturnVybz (Jazzanova/Slick Walk/The Ruffcats).

To get a first impression please have a listen to this upfront single-release and get one of these limited 45s.

Lisa is careful about the artwork and after working together with renowned artist Lindsey Kustusch from San Francisco on her first album she collaborates with local artist Sebastian Maria Otto now who is known for his signature art style and exhibitions from Germany to Japan.

The full album is already in the pressing plant and will be expected around May 2023.

Ge it here:


A few words about »Summer Child« by Lisa:
„»Summer Child« emerged from a poem.
It’s about dealing with the inner child and it’s traumas but also about the good and wholesome childhood memories. It tells about scars and about the things we have to leave behind when we grow, the innocense, the faith we lose; generally the fact that we neither can rewind, nor keep hold of anything. Those deep emotions and pictures from long ago, good and bad, are still there, we carry them in our souls, and it’s about the bittersweet feeling of remembering, and the recognition of the influences and experiences that formed the personality.“

And a few words from her about »Love And Hope«:
„»Love And Hope« is a song I wrote in the middle of emotional struggle. It’s a song about the handling of worldweariness. It emerged in a time when I was so frustrated and full of sadness, worry and consternation about the things going on, the injustice and the devastated condition of our world.
I wrote this song on impulse, the strong need of consolation, hope and faith made me write it.

released December 2, 2022

Side A: »Love And Hope«
Written by: Lisa Decker
Arranged, produced & mixed by SaturnVybz: SaturnVybz / Stefan Ulrich
Mastering by: Cosmic Trigger Audio
Artwork by: Sebastian Maria Otto (IG @sebastianmariaotto)

Side B: »Summer Child«
Written by: Lisa Decker
Arranged by: Toshiyuki Sasaki
Drums: Toshiyuki Sasaki
Keys: Mariko Nakabayashi
Bass: Shigeki Umezawa
Vocal recordings by: Institut für Wohlklangforschung
Mastering by: Cosmic Trigger Audio
Artwork by: Sebastian Maria Otto (IG @sebastianmariaotto)